Agropark is a business incubation center operating in Kerala, established to encourage small entrepreneurs venturing into the manufacturing of value-added products. Agropark extends its support to businesses from various domains like agriculture, food processing, dairy, poultry, fish processing, khadi, handloom, etc. Enterpreuneral development and enhancing employment opportunities in the rural sector are among the declared goals of Agropark.


Under the patronage of Kerala state government, the first of its kind private industrial park is operational in Koothattukulam under the leadership of Agropark, Piravom. In ASCEND 2020 – Global investors meet organized by the Government of Kerala, permission was given to private agencies to begin privet industrial parks. The industrial park at Koothattukulam is a quick realization of the new regulation under the ease of doing business schemes. 


Facilities, training and project information

Agropark has arranged different facilities for entrepreneurs to start their production on a trial basis. Also, this incubation center provides information on various business projects that can run successfully considering the resources and geographical speciality of Kerala. Various training programs are arranged at regular intervals to assist the entrepreneurs to understand the ground realities of the enterprise.

To get more details about the facilities,  training programs, and about projects, please contact us by submitting the form below.

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